1. Paper presented to the editor should correspond to the topics (Categories) magazine and the requirements for registration, the structure and completeness. In compliance with the requirements of article Categories and verified by the editorial staff (input control). Only after the notes taken on registration (work with authors) chief editor decides to refer the article for review.

2. The author can submit reviews in the edition with Article. In this case the editors will check for the presence of competence reviewer academic rank (not less than PhD) and the coincidence of areas of scientific interest of the reviewer and the reviewed. Workplace reviewer should not coincide with the place of work under review. The editors reserve the right to carry out further examination of the article (peer review).
Note. Name of the reviewer (and the supervisor, if applicable) indicating its academic rank and place of work are published immediately after the information about the author.

3. The review can be positive, positive comments and negative. In the case of the negative reviews the author sent a reasoned refusal in the publication. In case of refusal of publication, the author has only one attempt to present a revised article for re-review. If the notes are not significant, then a second examination paper is not sent.

3. The reviewer considers the scientific significance and relevance of the work.

4. Reviewing manuscripts is done confidentially. Disclosure of the confidential details of the manuscript review violates the rights of the author's manuscript. Breach of confidentiality is only possible in the case of alleged inaccuracy or falsification of materials, in all other cases it is required to preserve. The details of the reviewer to the author were not disclosed.

5. The final decision on publication receives Editor in Chief. The chief editor has the right to reject an article, even if a positive assessment, in any way is not motivating and engaging in debate with the author.

6. The editorial board provides a review of the original manuscript expert advice at the request of the Higher Attestation Commission.

7. The editorial board does not keep manuscripts not accepted for publication. Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned. Manuscripts, negative results of the reviewer, are not published and are not sent back to the author.

8. If the publication of the article has caused a violation of anyone's copyright or standard norms of scientific ethics, the Editorial Board has the right to withdraw published article.

9. Allowed writing reviews on the simplified form.

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